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hamstick 80m The Antenna Balun What is this thing and why do I need it? In this chapter we will look at a common component in some transmission systems – the balun. It was noisy and worse than […] May 03, 2019 · MFJ-347 Hamstick/Dipole Mount Kit - For Any 2 Hamsticks as a Base) - 3/8 X 24, DOUBLE T PIPE MOUNT, W/SO-239 - Build your own 80-6 Meter mini-dipole using two HF mobile whips! Mounts on mast up to 1-1/4" OD. The exact inductivity should be finally tested with an instrument but I haven´t Antennas,Enhance your coverage using Motorola Solutions antennas, which include options such as GPS capability, multiple mounting types, directional and omnidirectional capabilities and more. I am trying to 'tune' these [Introduction and history] [Common half-size 80/40-10 mtr configuration][6-40 mtr configuration by EARCHI][Variations on the W3EDP][©2015-2020 F. Nov 29, 2010 · When I feel ambitious, I have quarter-wavelength radials that I toss off the balcony and in the bushes to improve grounding. But nothing beats plopping the mag mount on top of the car, hooking up the radio and going to town - fast and convenient. Hamstick dipoles Isolate one for each band 80 mtr pair Could be any band Must be in pairs Best to tune-up on a vehicle Could be mounted in attic Or in back yard out of sight Coax to station 40 mtr pair Jan 18, 2019 · I have a three turn magnetic loop, 2m in diameter for use on160m. I think it s about 6dB down on an equivalent length radiating element and counterpoise, but with an auto-atu in place of the transformer. Provides multi-band 80m through 2m operation in a lightweight (18oz) single 1/4 BAND HAM VERTICAL MOBILE HF ANTENNA HAMSTICK STYLE 500W. 95 Procomm Pcf60b 60m Mono Band Ham Vertical Mobile Hf Antenna Hamstick Style 500w baluns are indicated in some circumstances, not here. Many of my sticks are Pro-Am (Valor – out of business I suspect) and the newest ones are from Jetstream. Whip Tuner/Artificial Ground gives instant 80-10M, 150 Watt Antenna Just add short whip and counterpoise wire and instantly get an effective portable 150 Watt all band 3. N3ZN Keys is the home of custom iambic keys, single lever paddles, and straight keys created by Tony Baleno normal half wave 80m antenna needs to hang up. I’ve tried a few types but haven’t managed to find one that works for me, especially on the lower bands like 40m and 80m. Sep 15, 2002 · The Colossal 10K 5/8th wave ground plane was designed for high power operators who want maximum performance from their station. OPEK HVT-600 2-80m HF VHF OUTBACKER HAM VERTICAL MULTI-BAND MOBILE ANTENNA THE STICK™ Antenna For Shortwave Radio sw ham dx swl communications receiver new NMO 150S 5/8 Wave VHF 136-174 NMO 3. Antennas,Enhance your coverage using Motorola Solutions antennas, which include options such as GPS capability, multiple mounting types, directional and omnidirectional capabilities and more. I have had good results with the MFJ sticks 6m-20m,so I figured I would give 40m a try - I do not think I will try 80m-160 versions however, 73 K1WJ Dave If you're looking for a low cost solution for a portable hamstick antenna pole for your ham radio, then check out this video. Photo shows : Antenna to tripod mount plate - Tripod - 2 mast sections Telescopic whip - Adjustable coil - Counterpoise wire. End-Fed Antenna projects and plans category is a curation of 62 web resources on , W3EDP Antenna, QRO End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler, N2CX on End-Fed Halfwave Antennas. If you read carefully you will see why a long helice behaves more like a radiating transmission line and less like a conventional inductor. Interestingly Chameleon have just released the ‘Hybrid series’ which would appear to be an attractively packaged 9:1 Unun and radiating element. long vertical for this base? Hello, I am wondering if anyone here has experience using hamsticks for (horizontal) dipoles. GPS Active Antenna antenne gps antena gps gps antennas etrex antenna emap antenna garmin antennas gps antenne gps garmin magellan nmea gps antena etrex navigation garmin vhf fugawi gps aerials egnos dgps antennes gps gps antennes mapsource trimble 0183 antenna waas global positioning system streetpilot iii tomtom rinex navtalk streetpilot ashtech navstar sportrak navigationssystem metroguide Opek Hvt-600 2-80m Hf Vhf Outbacker Ham Vertical Multi-band Mobile Antenna. During the evening of March 17, 2010, I ran a comparative test with three of my short vertical antennas for 80m: 2. The CHA TACHAT will double & triple the band width of the typical ham stick, depending on the band. It's also a quick way to make a small antenna where space would not allow for a full-sized dipole, such as an attic antenna, or a station in an apartment. Title: Build a Space Efficient Dipole Antenna for 40, 80 and 160 Meters Created Date: 3/2/2000 11:15:03 AM Band assumption: 14 Mhz or higher (not 40 or 75 or 80M!!!) Hustler: using a SIX foot base, and then the "super" resonator Hamstick: standard FOUR foot linearly loaded antenna and 4 foot stinger American Radio Supply - HamStick Amateur Radio Mobile Antennas Mobile Monoband Vertical HF Ham Stick Antenna Hamsticks Hamstik The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Top comments 9 Nov 2001 I used 80m and 40m Hamsticks mounted as an "X" and feed in paralle. Chris Warren Post author December 12, 2016 at 02:11 Feb 13, 2018 · MFJ 1792 80/40-Meter Vertical Antennas operate as a full quarter-wave on 40 and a top loaded one-eighth wavelength antenna on 80-meters. Almost the same product, just 100m more for your 80m element and a longer radial if required :) NOTE: Now shipping with the new flexible DX10 More Info » My Top Five Backyard Multi-Band Wire HF Antennas L. I've also installed an 80M/40M dipole as well as 20M and 15M inverted-Vees in where I mounted an “array” of three hamstick dipoles for 80M, 40M and 20M. For mobile, I use an Icom ID-5100 for UHF/VHF/DSTAR and a Kenwood TS-480 into a hamstick type antenna for HF, and an Icom ID-51 HT for portable and DVMega use. The RT-11 can tune my 20m hamstick from 20m up to 10m and in-between but can't tune an 80m hamstick across 80m. Procomm Pcf80b 80m Mono Band Ham Vertical Mobile Hf Antenna Hamstick Style 500w Procomm Pcf60b - $46. but remember it has a core wrapped with wire inside, and you have to limit the depth you drill into the enclosure or you will damage the core. Workman antennas have a proven record of working great and can be configured in many different ways! Dec 01, 2007 · On the "Q" of an antenna or circuit, generally speaking it is the SMALLER coils that are lower in efficiency. 80m stick antennas are not easy to find, thank goodness for the Procomm PCF80B! It works great as I have made numerous contacts with my 2 set up as a vertical  9 Sep 2014 I tried to use an 80m hamstick mounted on a car once, for portable operating. Special Multi-Band Vertical Antenna UNUN UNUN, UNUN Bracket and UNUN Retrofit Information DXE-UN-43 / DXE-UN-BRKT / DXE-UN-43-R DXE-UN-43-INS Revision 3b Jul 23, 2015 · A 40-meter NVIS Portable Dipole Concept: I constructed this 40-meter dipole to readily switch between wire elements and loaded hamstick elements. GROUND/CURRENT METER, 10-80M, 150W Whip Tuner/Artificial Ground gives instant 80-10M, 150 Watt Antenna Just add short whip and counterpoise wire and instantly get an effective portable 150 Watt all band 3. When used with a good ground system, the MFJ 1792 has excellent efficiency and bandwidth on 40-meters. 95 The renowned DX Summit by OH8X has been a reliable source of current and historical DX activity on radio for many years. The antenna displays a low feed impedance, which allow you to feed it directly with 50-ohm coax cable. You can use 80 meter hamsticks or 6 Jun 17, 2017 · We'll I've read up on the Hamstick dipole, In brief they do work ok for the 17 meter band up to 6 meters actually the 10 & 6 meter version would resemble a extended zepp as long as both whips are insulated from the mast. I need to use about 2 feet of coax from the tuner to the base of the whip as I'm limited in how I can get the cable from inside to outside. I plan a Hamstick dipole for Digimodes and CW  24 Jul 2020 I managed to get into the DX commander net. On the HF bands adding a remote atu made very little This hamstick dipole has gained me many DX stations in my logbook. Apr 12, 2017 · In radio frequency (RF) terminology, the Very High Frequency (VHF) range is the signal spectrum from 30 to 300 megahertz (MHz). Offering a choice between Standard Size and Minis, Shark HamSticks cover a single band, and are available for 6M through 80M. This shortened easy-to-build vertical, with no-radials, is made from surplus military camouflage poles. There's no need to drill holes or make special hard mounts on your car to get on HF! Find MFJ Short Mobile HF Whip Antennas MFJ-2340T and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering! Aug 11, 2019 · Planning an antenna project can lead to many different thoughts and you should always consider the following. Also, the design optimizes the system’s SWR in the important CW DX, SSB DX, and Digital windows on the 80m band. Currently considering a) the FC-20 because it is Yaesu so should be able Designed for use with wire antennas this unun is small, compact and perfect for quick portable/emergency installations. Re: hamstick dipole The real part of the feed impedance (radiation resistance) of the setup with a much shortened antenna like the ham sticks is very low, likely somewhat less than a single ohm. Height, length, feedline, balun, (and we will talk about a balun later), insulators, type wire used, or type metal used, what do you want to do with this antenna, how many bands do you want it to perform its work, if you can use the right materials, space to hang one, and the biggest Apr 28, 2017 · They do work on 40m and 80m but bandwidth and efficiency is reduced but its suitable for local traffic. I have add a 1:1 balun to keep the RF Mar 01, 2014 · Hamstick Dipole 20m I have wanted to try a hamstick dipole for a while. Along with being able to work 80m thru 10m i have now received matching 160m coil (also 4' dia) that now alolows me to work any where on 160 (thats right anywhere) If anyone would like to hear this antenna,tune to 1895. Or in back  8 Sep 2019 Electronic Memory Keyer: Gap Titan DX 80m-10m Vertical Antenna 75m-6m HamStick-style Rotatable Dipoles: Homebrew 80m/40m NVIS  23 Jul 2015 NVIS Portable Dipole Concept: I constructed this 40-meter dipole to readily switch between wire elements and loaded hamstick elements. Note: the discussion below primarily deals with loading inductors used in mobile HF antennas rather than long radiating helices. Homebrew Buddipole Variant By Paul – AE5JU History: The Buddipole is a portable dipole using telescoping whips on the ends of center arms, with loading coils between the arms and whips. Comprised of two lengths of wire or other conductive metal, a dipole antenna's shape allows the incoming signal's Jun 01, 2011 · 80m - hamstick mounted to R rear lamp guard (i do not drive around with this mounted but put it on today for the pic) I hate. That's why an 80M hamstick stinks and a larger bugcatcher shines! Like I said earlier, have a BLAST with this project! 73 CWM Dec 11, 2016 · An 80m ocfd will resonate on more bands. Never made a contact with it and either sold it or threw it away  25 Mar 2008 Hamsticks and their clones are for US 75m (4MHz) and not directly tunable to 80m (3,5 MHz). The vertical section should be as high as possible, with the remainder of the antenna run horizontally to a support, such as a tree or a mast. This calculator is designed to give the horizontal length of a particular dipole (including Tees) antenna 160M Is a Tough Band • Propagation quite variable, signals often not very strong, heavy QRN during the summer –Mostly a nightime band, varies a lot through the night –During the winter, 800 miles or 2m/70cm 24 Watt Dual Band Mobile $139. 4) MFJ-969 tuner 5) MFJ-752 audio filter 6) Daiwa NS- 660PA wattmeter 7) MFJ 826B wattmeter 8) Dentron MT-2000A  Les meilleures offres pour PROCOMM PCF80B 80m MONO BAND HAM VERTICAL MOBILE HF ANTENNA HAMSTICK STYLE 500W sont sur eBay Comparez  80m short base-loaded verticals · ○ 80m short mid-loaded verticals · ○ 80m short linearly-loaded verticals · ○ 80m short vertical KGD-dipole · ○ 80m short  11 Dec 2016 My last portable antenna was two hamsticks in a dipole configuration (here is a great general overview article about hamstick dipoles, from my buddy over at Prepared Ham). net Aug 12, 2013 · The bandwidth of the 40m HAMStick is limited due to its short length on 40m so I tuned it to work best in the 40m DX window and the lower part of the US phone sub-band on 40m. , 2-section antenna features a heavy-duty fiberglass base station, an insulated conductor, a 144-148 Provides multi-band 80m through 2m operation in a lightweight (18oz) single 1/4 wavelength vertical antenna. The loops are spaced 200mm apart and the loop is fed with a coupling loop at the bottom ( The capacitor is also at the bottom of the loop ). Therefore, some argue that a lowly hamstick or short, stubby screwdriver is an adequate HF mobile antenna. With an 8 foot "whip" freq coverage should be 6m-40m and with 23 feet of wire the range is 6m-80m. AC5Q Dec 16, 2016 · _____ Questo balun 1:1 si interpone tra una linea bilanciata (ad esempio un dipolo) e la linea (sbilanciata) in cavo coassiale. I anticipate moving overseas in about six months, but … Continue reading "A loading coil for 80m" Opek Hvt-600 2-80m Hf Vhf Outbacker Ham Vertical Multi-band Mobile Antenna. 12-meter Ham Radio HF HAMSTICK mobile Antenna half&half WHIP Ball Mount 3/8 x 24 For HF Ham Mobile Radio Mobile Antenna Hustler C32 HF Ham radio Sky Loop antenna 40 20 15 and 10 meters and 2. MFJ Enterprises Inc,Ameritron,Hy-Gain,Hygain,Cushcraft,Vectronics,Mirage,MFJ,MFJ Enterprises,Antenna,Radio,Ham Radio,Amateur Radio,Tuner,Analyzer,Starkville,Amplifier Workman Electronics' Fiberglass Stick Ham Radio Mobile Antennas are similar in design, and an excellent replacement for HamStick, Opek. EFHW Elecraft end-fed EZNEC Field Day Golden Packet hexbeam J-Pole Kenwood kj4faj KX3 kx4o measurement mobile NEC NMO NVIS packet PL259 QRP Simulation SteppIR UHF vertical dipole verticals VHF Frequency Range: 40m-30m-20m-17m-15m-12m-10m-6m-2m Ham bands. E’ costituito da tre fili paralleli (A - B - C) avvolti per 10 spire su un toroide tipo Q2 CF123 il cui diametro esterno è di 60 mm. 73 They do work on 40m and 80m but bandwidth and efficiency is reduced but its suitable for local traffic. For example, if you are connecting to a mono-band resonant dipole antenna with a feed point impedance close to 50 ohms using 50 ohm coax, and you are trying to reduce common mode currents and create an unbalanced to balanced connection, then I would suggest a 1:1 current BALUN. Aug 11, 2016 · I picked up the MFJ 80m mini (hamstick) dipole but haven't used I much since my tripod only got it 6ft off the ground and it didn't come close to my W3EDP end fed when I last tried them out to compare. Signal Hamstick Vertical 75-40m Using CIAOradio software 1 sec Note: NO fading Note: 1 dB added to take into account coax losses (100 fti. The bonus is, without the tip, I can screw another antenna in the top of the 75 Meter and make a longer whip. 373 Forsyth Amateur Radio Club, Inc is a non-profit (IRS 501(c)3) North Carolina corporation for the promotion of Amateur Radio, and for the education and training of hams Opek Hvt-600 2-80m Hf Vhf Outbacker Ham Vertical Multi-band Mobile Antenna. Full Wave Loop Antenna 10M thru 80M -- From Western Canada's Ham Radio YL Site KE4UYP Top-Fed 1/4 Wave Linear Loaded Vertical For 80M KE4UYP RSBVE (Reduced Size Broad Elevation Verticals) For 80M Oct 20, 2018 · My QTH isn’t great for antennas. A Heavy Duty 4', 3/8" diameter black fiberglass rod lower section with integral coil, adjustable and removable stainless steel whip. The 80m hamstick is extremely lossy on 80m and using it on the higher bands will probably result in extreme losses also. If you want reasonable results on 80m and 40m, get a screwdriver and put a large top hat on it while parked. I eventually got hold of the literature and now find that using it with my IC-7200 I won't be able to get into the 80M band without at least 23 ft. Mobile HF Log The last step in the installation was to secure a paper log and band plan to the center console of the truck using some large rubber bands. 4) MFJ-969 tuner 5) MFJ-752 audio filter 6) Daiwa NS-660PA wattmeter 7) MFJ 826B wattmeter 8) Dentron MT-2000A tuner 9) Heathkit SB-614 Station Monitor 2011 thru 2017 Station consists of: 1) Icom 7200 (added 12/2012), Icom 725 transceiver (reserve status 12/2012) 2) Heathkit SB-201 linear amplifier The hamsticks used my 30' mast and an 8' ground rod as a counterpoise. A good screwdriver antenna is about 10 times more efficient than an 80m hamstick but is about 10 times less efficient than a full sized dipole. I had some 50mm (outside diameter) plastic pipe and 2mm poly-weave wire, from this I had to work out the number of turns per inch. In theory it should work, but I would question the efficiency on 80m, which is none too good under normal circumstances, let alone the bandwidth issue. 9MHz can be added with optional MC60 SuperCoil 60m or MC80 SuperCoil 80m/75 sold separately] Good SWR: below 1. It mounts easily to any mast up to 1/25” diameter, and I use an extendable painter’s pole Recommended wire lengths and Installation Notes for Unun models 4932, 4935, 9130, 9132 & 9135 Table shows typical SWR relative to installed wire length. What we have at the moment is a the 40 and 80 back to back with a ladder line link, on a 20' pole erected about 50' away from the main station tower,( 40'-60' with an x7 beam and an 80m wire dipole strung over a stub mast on top). Feeding the transformer with a remote atu made about 2dB improvement on 80m over the transformer alone. Among amateurs there's been a long running discussion regarding the effectiveness of avertical with The tuning tip has a 3/8 24 adapter with a normal tuning tip and set screw. This antenna is made for the Ham operator that ís looking for a compact dipole antenna to work on 40M. Diamond’s new CP5H is a five band (40M, 20M, 15M, 10M and 6M) trap vertical antenna with trap radials. net Abstract A coaxial-cable trap dipole antenna installed in the attic provides a surprisingly effective solution to HF operation on the 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 meter amateur bands at a QTH with restrictive covenants that prohibit outside antennas. You will get better results on 40m and 80m by using the Hustler antenna as its longer and its coil offers better bandwidth and supports higher power. 5&quot Oct 02, 2007 · Several Hams asked for my opinion on using this Hamstick approach with the 5-BTV and 6-BTV. Outperform Isotron and verticals ! Pick up less noise than other antennas ! It's ideal for limited space hams and can be disassembled in seconds using 2 quick disconnect studs. PCF60B 60 M Mono Bande Ham Vertical Mobile HF Antenne Hamstick style 500 W sont sur The monoband antenna is available for 6m-75/80m ham bands . Which makes it ideal for portable use or you can mount it above a pre-existing vhf antenna, and due to it's small size it is quite rotatable. Although I’m sure I could have tap points and gator clips to select the antenna’s resonant frequency, currently I run the antenna right into a MAC-200 antenna tuner. org Oct 22, 2013 · As the days grow shorter with the approach of winter and activity shifts towards longer wavelengths, I took stock of my log and noticed that while I have racked up a reasonable number of contacts on 15, 20 and 40 meters, 80 meters lags far behind. I have bought a Chemelon 'spider' which allows up to four pairs of hamsticks (two per band x 4 bands). Personally, I use a 53' radiator with a 25' length of coax between the UNUN and the rig, to act as a counterpoise. In the tutorial, you'll find out how to make this temporary mount that can be used when going out into the wild or just hanging around your home. OCF Dipole 7 band 80 -6 Rick on 27th Mar 2018 You are not going to find a better antenna than this one. Stock availability and shipping Requiring a balun to feed a balanced feed line with an un-balanced T-Match network a 4:1 Ruthroff voltage balun design using a T200-2 Toroid core was selected. MFJ “Short” HF Mobile Whip Antennas are designed to let you mount an HF antenna with just a 5-inch magnet mount. 75 80 Meter Dipole Bundle with 2 x Shark 80m Mini ***Remember this enclosure that the PEF is housed in, IS NOT water proof. Utilizes stacked cores to deliver efficient broadband performance and high power rating across all HF frequencies. Apr 19, 2018 · It surprises some people to learn that, though cell phones offer inexpensive, instantaneous communication worldwide, there are still millions of active ham radio operators around the world. levels about 20dB down on 160m, 6dB down on 80m and an average of about 3db down with dips of > 6dB on 40m through to 10m. Jan 09, 2019 · First a 80m Hamstick is not very efficient, although it has worked for me surprisingly well 159-250 miles from home. A dipole made from one Slinky each side stretched to about 15 feet end to end will have a broad resonance on 40m; a pair of Slinkies soldered together to make each dipole leg, stretched to about 30 feet will resonate on 80m. com Assembly and Tuning The Buddipole Low Band Vertical configuration utilizes the Low Band This shows the schematic diagram of the wiring of the antenna elements. The so called "loaded" dipole uses a coil in every dipole arm to electrically lengthen the mechanical too short dipole arms. 40 Meter Mobile Ham Radio HF HAMSTICK Style Antenna WHF40 From AG6IF Talented Balun for build HF Ham radio Sky Loop antenna, 160m 80m & 40  So, we need an antenna that will work 75/80M, 40M, and 20M. i sold the balun to a "true believer" for $15 at a hamfest, reducting the cost of the project. ” 1 Tuning match 1 Vertical Element 4 Horizontal Elements Counterpoise Definition "Counterpoise" has been used by radio amateurs since the very beginning of our hobby. I've also seen people use two hamsticks to make a dipole and that's fine on 10m where the hamstick is nearly a full 1/4 wave per side and on 20m they still work somewhat, but try that on 40m or especially 80m and you have a dummy load on a stick. I think you're referring to Locktite red? They also make a blue that will hold well enough to keep the bolt/threads from rotating but it can be taken apart with a little effort. Only 5 left in stock - order Feb 08, 2019 · a hamstick on 80M is like being rock bound, real narrow bandwidth, figure out what freq you'll use, tune the antenna and hope you dont need to qsy, had mine tuned for 3. Obviously these parameters will change with differing designs of balun, length coax and vertical radiator, but it gives a good ballpark indication of the relative performance of each type. Delta Loops for HF "You'll love lower noise and relative gain over a dipole's ears" Stephen D. Without a doubt, the single most important purchase you' ll  8 Jul 2013 Hamsticks are also very rigid, the whip flexes but the body is stiff ATAS does not do 75/80M so a hamstick will give you more capability. Isotron ISO-80 - 75 / 80m Ham Radio Antenna - Dipole Performanc e, HOA Friendly! Workman WHF-75 Hamstick Style Fiberglass Stick Mobile 75 Meter Ham Radio Antenna. ________________________________________________________ KC2MJT 4 4 8 3 24 24 G5RV @30' W3 Division NO3J 4 4 8 4 32 32 End fed quad band @ 25 feet W4 Division KU4A 18 18 36 12 432 432 Sloping dipole @ 40' AF4OI 11 11 22 9 198 198 80m dipole @ 25ft N4IAG 9 9 18 7 126 126 Horizontal loop at 70' K4WLW 6 6 12 6 72 72 125' End Fed Sloper WB4OMM 6 6 12 5 60 60 Vehicle mounted 40M Hamstick N4MJ 4 4 8 4 32 There seem to be plenty of construction articles on center-fed wire fan dipoles with pairs of arms of different lengths, each pair dimensioned for a different band (e. With the view to establish a quick and easy multi-band antenna deployment for portable and camping operations a simple long wire antenna with an earth or earth plus counterpoise arrangement with a 9:1 voltage unun is one possible solution. I have owned a Hamstick for all bands 10m-80m in the past, gave them away before I realized that Lakeview was out of business, and everything  10 May 2015 My 80m hamstick, for example, has a bandwidth of about 75 kHz. 10,11,12,15,17,20,30,40,75 and 80 Meters If you are serious about HF mobile operation the Hustler HF Mobile System is the obvious choice. One application for such an antenna is in a mobile station which for whatever reason requires a horizontal polarization. > > So I have a multiband hamstick dipole array! HRBE-I think it was the December, 2007, issue of QST that had an article on the "Octopus" antenna made of 4 pairs of mobile whips for 75/40/20/15 meters. There are two parts of the video, one showing you how to make it and the other Jul 02, 2016 · A very cost effective way to utilize 2 ham sticks to make a portable dipole, which can be set up at field day, or any occasion, very quickly. Super wide bandwidth means more time operating ,and less time stuck on a frequency your trap vertical is tuned for. The inverted L is what it is; picture your Hamstick or any vertical and bending it 90 degrees halfway up and expecting some improvement over a nice simple straight vertical. 95 #2142: RM-12: 12 Meter Resonator I know people have made > Hamstick dipoles, which are helically wound, correct? > > I am considering experimenting with a mobile dipole for 20m or 40m that is > physically short (1 to 8 ft. ), horizontally polarized, and is a balanced > antenna that is continuously loaded without the use of loading coils other > than the helix itself. 5 to1 balun hang-n-go MFJ - 1610T - 10/11 Meter HF Hamstick Ham Radio CB Mobile Antenna 250 Watts Monoband 80m Mobile Antenna . It is possible to achieve this low angle with a horizontal antenna, but only if sufficient height above ground can be achieved. MOXON Background Several designs emerged in the 1970s for reduced size beam antennas implemented by folding the elements. When operators couldn't get a good earth ground, perhaps because they were on the second floor of a house, the common suggestion was to "use a counterpoise wire". Coil isn't to  Hamstick/Dipole Mount Kit Build Your own Mini Dipole using 2 Hamsticks ✓ FREE Delivery Across Barbados. Turns out for this project an old CB 11 Meter "hamstick" style antenna with a little longer tuning tip makes the whole thing resonate at 160 Meters! Heavy duty 5kW, 4:1 unun designed for use with wire verticals, long wires and monopole verticals. Mar 17, 2017 · 2m 6m 10m 15m 20m 40m 43 foot 70cm 80m AHVD Aluminum APRS Baluns battery BigIR collinear Diamond dipole DX-Eng. High power, hi-Q 3-core variable loading coil e Compare this with a decent quality screwdriver antenna, properly, and solidly, mounted where the ERP is about 5 watts on 80 meters. *** Sep 26, 2018 · DX Engineering 8040 NVIS Antennas: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) is a propagation mode which uses high-angle radiation that sends signals almost straight up!They are then reflected back to Earth for very effective short to medium distance communications that works virtually every day and every evening. A Linear Loaded Vertical Antenna for 40m and 80m by PA3HBB As a lot of you will appreciate, to work good DX requires a low angle of radiation from the antenna. In doing the research the conventional wisdom was that 20m and less would work, 40m was iffy, and 80m was just a dummy load. AZ504SP Dualband Mobile Antenna With Spring Slim Gainer Series AZ507RSP Dualband Mobile Antenna With Spring Slim Gainer Series Sep 08, 2019 · 75m-6m HamStick-style Rotatable Dipoles Homebrew 80m/40m NVIS Antenna Homebrew 40m-6m Vertical Antenna Buy Ham & Amateur Radio Antennas for Portable/Handheld Radio s and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Isotron ISO-80 - 75 / 80m Ham Radio Antenna - Dipole Performance, HOA Friendly! Workman WHF-75 Hamstick Style Fiberglass Stick Mobile 75 Meter Ham Radio Antenna . This coupler, like the SGC brand, are typically used at the feedpoint of the antenna, as opposed to a standard antenna tuner located just downstream of the transceiver. They can be used for multiple purposes such as Mobile, Portable, Base station, Marine, EMCOMM, MARS/CAP, ARES, SATERN, RACES, First Responders, Emergency Preparedness, Skywarn, Military & Government communications and much more. West  I use a hamstick when mobile, and 5band hustler verticle when the 6m and 10m whips work wonderfully mounted on the car, but the 80m ham-stick is a no go. I will mount this in a box with a UHF connector and two banana jacks, One for the antenna wire and the other as a ground connection. Hamstick Dipole Fact Sheet; I have tried a 80m version of the hamstick dipole with 2 proam/valor whip and it works flawlessly. HATE using mag a mag mount for the GMRS/MURS antenna, but between the roof rack and moon roof, there was no more real estate to drill a hole. Mfj Hamsticks Mfj Hamsticks Opek Hvt-600 2-80m Hf Vhf Outbacker Ham Vertical Multi-band Mobile Antenna. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] QRPGuys 40m-10m UnUnTenna Plus – $40 We will be shut down until Sept. The MFJ-2980 is similar to MFJ-2982, but covers 40 Meters through 6 Meters Designed as a multi-band, portable antenna for 40m - 10m, the Buddistick™ is an excellent performer with any rig up to 250 watts. Apr 11, 2018 · MFJ Short Mobile HF Whip Antennas are designed to let you mount an HF antenna with just a 5 in. What could we use? 1) A “fan” dipole with multiple legs for 75M, 40M, and 20M 2) A 40M / 75M trap dipole fed with coax 3) HamStick type dipoles. I had a small balcony just outside that door where I mounted an “array” of three hamstick dipoles for 80M, 40M and 20M. Resources listed under End-Fed Antenna category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. - 2 - Introduction Congratulations on obtaining your DX Engineering DXE-7580VA-1 Vertical Antenna! Now you can have a high-performance vertical antenna specifically for the 75/80 meter band! High Performance 40 Meters Vertical . 6 pounds, makes it very manageable during the installation process and will allow for a simple mast solution. No other manufacturer offers the convenience, the flexibility or the pure performance that Hustler does. !" "No costly ferrite-cores are needed, just a short length of 3 to 5 inch size plastic pipe, about 25 feet of 50ohm coax plus some nylon cable ties. MFJ-347 HAMSTICK/DIPOLE Mount KIT (for Any 2 HAMSTICKS AS A Base): Super Antenna MP1LXMAX Deluxe Tripod 80m-10m HF +2m VHF Portable  Results 1 - 48 of 65 PROCOMM PCF80B 80m MONO BAND HAM VERTICAL MOBILE HF ANTENNA HAMSTICK STYLE 500W. This could work in a high-rise apartment or hotel room (where it would be over 1/2 wavelength above the ground), and it may work at a lower elevation for NVIS. The text in the diagram did not transfer well so here is a recap: Each pair of "Hamstick" elements has one element connected to the shield side of the coax and the other element attached to the center conductor of the coax. com, 4/9/12 Introduction Having limited space led to the design of this multi-band antenna array, which has a foot print of MFJ-347 HAMSTICK/DIPOLE Mount KIT (for Any 2 HAMSTICKS AS A Base) 4. Jun 03, 2011 · 80m - hamstick mounted to R rear lamp guard (i do not drive around with this mounted but put it on today for the pic) I hate. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Mar 12, 2017 · An afternoon in the park operating SKCC WES with a "mini-hamstick" and a FT-817 with 2. BUSINESS Perhaps a single-bander such as the Bitx-40 or -20 will function better as a mobile, though a much more exhaustive trial with other antennae should be attempted. After having marginal results on 17 meters using my Alpha-Delta DX-EE with a tuner, I put up a resonant dipole. This is the perfect 10-80M ham or first responder’s EMCOMM antenna, which solves the problem of carrying too much weight, eliminates the requirement for needing a lot of real estate to deploy an antenna, and cuts the time of deployment to 60 seconds. Sep 15, 2002 · The 10-80 meter groundplane vertical antenna is a rugged multiband vertical antenna, That is 43 feet in height. We like to say that there is something for everyone in our h An Attic Coaxial-Cable Trap Dipole for 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 Meters John DeGood, NU3E nu3e@arrl. You will be amazed at wha The JK401 is a simple Hi-Q coil loaded rotatable dipole, with a small footprint as well giving great performance on 40M. Fri 15th Dec 2017, 16:26 #3 On 80m the performance is about 10dB worse than a Hamstick, and on 40m it is about 6dB worse than a Hamstick. Only 5 left in stock - order Offering a choice between Standard Size and Minis, Shark HamSticks cover a single band, and are available for 6M through 80M. 5 db Mobile Antenna W Spring Ham MURS 2Way MOBILE Calif 40 FOLD-OVER SPRING HAM CB ANTENNA MAST SHAFT 3/8-24 Heavy Duty NEW!! WA2TAK's Compact 40-Meter Rotary Dipole This is WA2TAK's solution to the problem of installing a 40-meter rotary dipole on a small city lot. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] We will be shut down until Sept. PROCOMM PCF80B 80m MONO May 11, 2016 · If I understand your question, the choice of a BALUN will in my experience depend on what you are trying to achieve. ANTENNA HF Multibanda base-Chameleon CHA skyloop - 6M a 80M Chameleon Antenna SPIDER ASB Octagon Antenna Base for 4 Pairs of HF Hamsticks. This is EXACTLY the same kit as the Premium DX Commander All-Band-Vertical but with 200m of military DX10 antenna comms wire. and roof mounts on pickup trucks x\ith metal Normally a bumper mount IS the poorest choice of mounting locations. hamstick 80m

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